Over the span of my working life, I had many jobs.  These jobs were diverse ranging from blue collar, to tenured middle school teacher, realtor, and to a district manager in the corporate world.  Some of them were admired and even prestigious.

However, I was bored, miserable, or not very good at most of them. I began feeling apathetic toward life. During a four year a four period, I went through four full-time jobs. Before this time in my life, I had only one full-time job. I realized I did some self-sabotaging in many of those jobs as well. That was a difficult confession. Yikes!

My actions began to impact me physically as well.  I went from someone who should have been on the cover of Men’s Health to a big, fat, blob. I was changing inside and out.  Something had to be done or I was going to lose everything I had including myself. 

At that time, I was emotionally dead so apathy and doubt were my primary emotions. 

Part of me wanted to look into the past to find some underlying reasons that might justify my actions so I didn’t feel so bad. I thought it might be able to blame others for what I did and where I was. Here is where the change occurred.  I discovered that I had been building my own destructive blocks throughout my life for various reasons.  I was looking for happiness living in the wrong direction. I was putting all my energy in trying to change my external environment so internally I could feel better inside.

Then, I started a personal process to find my passions without having a clue about what those were.  For the first time, I wanted to figure me out.  Even though there was immense doubt, I still had questions and for them, I had strong enough reasons to seek their answers. The inner voice whispered, “Internal understanding first in order for external change.“

The internal process brought me the people I needed that got me to where I am today.  More questions came to me; better questions. I got different results; much better results.

I began to shed myself from the mask I always felt I needed to wear out of my own insecurities. The process, taught me not only how good questions give good answers but also that they cultivate more of the same. It was becoming contagious. Up until then, my horrible questions were making me sick. Now I was becoming inspired. For too long, I didn’t think it was possible to do the things I imagined.  That block that had to be shattered.

My process helped me realize I had a dormant desire to be a clinical therapist. Once discovered I took the next actions steps.  I achieved that in goal within 18 months. I eventually reached the prestigious mark in the filed which is to be a Licensed Professional Counselor.

My vocational passion was accomplished.  It was a direct hit. I did it. The process worked.  There are times I see close to 40 clients a week. I love what I do!

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