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In the thousands of hours working with parents and their children, I see similarities that create dysfunction and tension between parents and their children. 



Remember how it was when you first met your partner? What happened? Things have changed. The connection is lost. They blame you. You blame them. 


Individual Coaching

Most human interaction problems are caused by poor communication. It's what you're saying or not saying to yourself or someone else that's keeping you feel disconnected.  



Communication is everything. In the workplace, whether they’re peers, supervisors, subordinates, customers, or clients building relationships matter. 

The Communication
Coach Approach

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), however there's a difference between me as a therapist and what I do with life coach clients. While both of my positions focus on people, with my life coach clients I focus on clarifying goals and creating a plan to achieve more in their life.  

About me

Over the span of my working life, I had many jobs.  These jobs were diverse ranging from blue collar, to tenured middle school teacher, realtor, and to a district manager in the corporate world.  Some of them were admired and even prestigious.

However, I was bored, miserable, or not very good at most of them. I began feeling apathetic ...

Carl was quick to respond to my messages and showed he truly cared about my well-being. I always felt comfortable talking to him. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

- K.B.

after counseling with Carl Nunley for 6 months on issues concerning marital problems, parenting, abuse, and self esteem.